Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend 2009

What a great Mother's Day weekend for me. I spent all of Saturday in Panama City with all my girls. We had so much fun at the beach. The waves were crazy high, knocking us all over the place. We all laughed so hard. It was a beautiful day. Got some sun but not too much.
I woke up Sunday and got a call from my son first thing wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. A very nice thing to wake up to. My family took me to my new favorite resturant (Sakura) for an awesome lunch of sushi. We all loved it, even my two picky eaters, so looks like we will be going back... YAY!!
I praise God for giving me such a wonderful family who gives me so much love. He is so good to me.

Here we all are at the beach on Saturday. We did have lots of fun - This is actually Mexico Beach
We drove over to Panama City later for dinner and to see a movie. (You can click on this picture to enlarge for a better view if you like)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that God blesses you greatly!!

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