Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on the Family

Well, okay so not the next day but the next week. And actually these are pics from back in September of last year when Susan came down to see my dad while he was feeling bad. I just realized I didn't get many pics of the rest of the family, they were mostly of Susan and her gang. We don't get to see them very much so I guess I concentrated more on them.
I'm still not so good at this whole blog thing cause I was hoping to put up a few more pics but I couldn't figure out how I did it last time. I'm missing a pic of my little brother so I'll just have to get him next time I guess. There are so many more in my family, we all have bunches of children and so if you are interested you can see more of us on my Flickr account. It has the same name as one of my Etsy accounts - HeidisPhotoShop. Okay, that's all for now.
I haven't forgot about an update on the bees. It's going really good - they are loving there new home and have even gained a new sister hive which we've got way out back where we discovered we had some tupelo trees. This is really exciting to me because tupelo honey is often the best honey for diabetics and being I just found out I have that dreaded disease I'm pretty thrilled. Take care all and as always God bless you all.

Okay, this one is Susan and me.

This one is my older brother Ken (and me)

My youngest Sister Marcie (and me)

My mom and me

My dad and me

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