Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Reunions are Wonderful

This is little Mishpat

This is little Caleb

Susan and Gary's youngest

Susan and Gary's oldest daughter
and husband Livi and Shemuel

Susan and Gary's youngest daughter

This week for the first time in four and a half years we saw my sisters family. It was wonderful because the last time they were all unmarried and without children of their own. Now three of her five have married and there are 4 soon to be five little ones to love and adore.

My sister and her family live somewhat differently than the average American, or most other folks in the world. They belong to a group that began, I think about 40 years ago in Chattanooga, Tn. They are a very spiritual people who live in a communal way. As I understand it they pattern their lives after the first church in the book of Acts and live "having all things in common". Meaning the basically live in large homes together and share all that they have with those of their community.

My sister, Susan, has been in this group since the late 70's. She married a man who was part of the community (Gary). They had five beautiful children and as already stated their three oldest have married and begun families of their own.

I also come from a family with five children. Most all of us were able to come to my parents home and be together for this reunion. I have posted several pictures that I took while at my folks house the other day while visiting with my family. If I was unable to publish pics of family members at the reunion, I've included others that are fairly recent. I'll include names and who belongs to who underneath each picture. Oh, and another unique thing about my sisters group is that they name their children Hebrew names, ones that have particular meaning. I'm not sure of all the meanings but I do know the names and I'll try to give you a spelling that will help you pronounce it.

Susan and Gary's oldest son, his wife and their first son:
Nezer, Alac (aloss) and little Caleb

Susan and Gary's first grandson, son of their first daughter
Livi, This is little Qadosh (quadosh)

This is my sister Susan and her husband Gary holding
Livi's baby boy Mishpat (mishpot)

My mom and dad and my oldest son Chris

Nezer's wife Alac and little Caleb

I'll try to post more pics tomorrow to show some of the rest of the family. My brother Ken and his wife Kim have seven children. I'm in the middle and my husband Mike and I have six children. My younger sister Marcie and her husband Rick have nine daughters. My youngest brother who we all call Flip lives at home with my mom and dad. He is has Downs Syndrome and will not marry. We all feel very blessed to have him in our family. I hope you will stay tuned for more family updates and pics. Also I feel honored when you ask questions so please don't hesitate. God bless you all. :D

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