Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm so ridiculously obsessed

My Ridiculous Obsession:
(click on pic for a larger view
it will show more details this way)

Okay, I got this new thing going on in my life and I can NOT stop. I've started drawing these "things" - doodles - zendalas - mandalas - zentangles - fundalas - what ever you call them, I just can't stop... I am Ridiculously Obsessed.

I finish one and think to my self "Okay, I'm done now, this is quite enough!" (At last counting I had over 50 and I've done them all in the last 6 weeks - ridiculous) Then I see SOMETHING, ANYTHING, some kind of pattern and I'm off again. I've uploaded these things onto like 4 or 5 different sites.

But... I do love doing them. I call them my therapy. I get so much out of creating one and its even been lots of fun with my little girls and me to sit and pick out all the hidden images that you can find when you sit and study them.
I've posted some here. I hope you enjoy looking at them and finding some images of your own.
Have a blessed day from our Lord.

Remember - Every good and perfect thing comes down from the Father of Lights," James 1:17


  1. I really love these. I particularly like the one with the cross.

    I did some similar work many years ago. One that I did was a city skyline and all of the buildings were made up of faces...some imaginary and some resembling famous people and other things you might find in a building...Mine were really large...about 24x36. I called them my great doodles. I, like you, was completely obsessed with it for quite some time.
    Yours I think are much nicer than mine, more "finished." I think yours would be really beautiful matted in white with simple black frame.

  2. WOW, they are amazing! I couldn't even imagine putting them together and you've done such a lovely job with them!