Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting to know...

This is a photo of mine: A Time to Rest

Okay, I'm finally blogging. I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm going to give this thing a try. I know I should be able to do this stuff by now but I guess I'm still just an old fashion girl who only feels right doing old fashion kind of things. Of course I think my VERY old fashion husband would disagree with me on that one. He thinks I'm way to modern thinking, so go figure. He is really an awesome guy though, and all though we do disagree on a lot of stuff we are right on when it comes to the things that we both find important.
Because this is my first blog post, I think I'm going to tell you a little about my self.
I'm 49 with a (I know, I already mentioned it but...) great husband. I have 3 little girls at home. Annie is 11 and is my sweet little servant child, she does love to help people. I think she would make an awesome nurse one day. Tess is 9 and is so much a girly girl. She loves everything frilly and feminine. She owns 35 purses to date. My baby Abby is 7 and I would say she is most assurdley a free spirit who will probably do anything she sets her heart on. At the moment she is planning on being a missionary to Turkey. A thought that leaves my husband in bouts of fear and trembling. He tells her that something terrible will probably happen to her there, she says God can take care of her no matter where she is and if she dies there thats okay cause then she will be in heaven and what could be better. I also have 2 children who have left home. Jess is 19 and lives in Atlanta. She goes to school and works all the time. She is very dedicated to what she has going in her life right now and I'm really proud of her. Chris my oldest is 29 and he also lives and works in Atlanta. I don't get to see him very much and even after years of this I still miss him terribly. I have a stepson Kyle 16 who lives in Lagrange, Ga. He is an awesome young man. He does great in school and has made some great plans for his future. He shows a maturity that we are all really proud of. Then there are the others who although there are no blood or legal ties I still feel like they are mine too. First there is Erica, she is 29 and was once my stepdaughter, now she is my dear friend. She has 2 of the most beautiful children you have probably ever seen. Her sweet husband is away in Kuwait supporting our country. (We love you and pray for you Seropio)

I work at an area hospital in the ER as a registration clerk. I love working around people who I can have a part in making them feel better. I could never do the nurse part because needles scary me in a ridiculus way. I do like my job though so I feel blessed in that. I like to sew and I like to take photos (I will be posting lots of these) I also love to garden when its not too hot outside. I have two shops on Etsy so I hope you'll come see me there some time. Oh and I have an account on DeviantArt and you are also invited there too.

My husband and I both come from large southern families who love big get to gethers and good southern food. I love to get to know folks from all over the world and I really hope this blog will give me the opportunity to get to know more of you.

One more thing about me. I really and truly LOVE my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the only thing worth living for and He is the reason I have the wonderful and precious family that I have. I give Him praise and honor for every good thing in my life. His love is abundant and free for anyone, anywhere and anytime. If you don't know Him, I can tell you with every ounce of my being, man, you don't know what your missing. He is awesome and great and beyond any words this simple southern lady can come up with. I look to the skies in hopes of His return and my getting to see Him. May His name be praised forever and ever.

Gos bless you all and please come back to see me.

I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul. Mark 8:36


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!
    You will wonder where the day went . . . so be careful!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. Also thanks for adding my blog to yours! I will check back often!